Cartographie Vagabonde [C.V.]

My story draws curved lines that run off the academic track and the career highway.

Yet I still think I should have played hooky like Tom Sawyer more often.

Open the wide book of the world and drink the Dive Bouteille…

I always admired Blaise Cendrars for his academic irreverence, and intellectual excellence.

Among the side paths I took, one of my favorite was on a smuggle Dhow from Djibouti to Eritrea.

Sneeze the acre dust escaping from red chili gunnysacks

Forgetting the tropical humidity sticking the shirt on the chest when flying fishes jump over the bow

I have lived abroad for a quite a time : Great Britain, Sudan, Mexico, Sultanat of Oman…

As well as traveling, wandering endlessly throughout cities is a major source of inspiration.

Art is for me a a state of mind, a daily thinking, more than an obligatory production related to a unique discipline.

However, I taught my way into Art mainly through music playing and film based photography.

Therefore my scope of investigation is primarily connected to sound and visual arts.