2009 April-may // CITY PIECES, French Cultural Center, Salalah, Oman

An intent to piece together the city with close ups diametrically opposed to usual clichés…


2010 June-september // A GLASS MENAGERY, Verdier Center, Paris, France

Glass elements of the public space, almost invisible frontiers that repaint our visual world…


2011 August- october // SLACK TIDE,

Marks of human fluxes, and social discrepancies in Salvador Da Bahia, Brazil


2012 May // ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF GULF CITIES, Science-Po Campus Moyen Orient, France

An exploration of urban problematics across margins of gulf Cities (Doha, Dubaï, Muscat, Sanaa…)


2013 Nov. // ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF GULF CITIES+CITY SKINS, NewYork University Institute Abu Dhabi

Deteriorated images of urban projects show the effect of time on dreams of modernity



A red number on building soon to be demolished an their inhabitant under threat…


2015 October // COVER ME UP,

Images of covered objects, a social metaphor…